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Yevadu, the much awaited and delayed Revenge Drama from Ram Charan has finally made it to Sankranthi as wished by Mega fans. Vamshi Paidipally who scored a Hit with NTR more than 3 years ago is doing his 3rd consecutive film for Dil Raju and gets a Big Star cast this time too. Has he managed to deliver the goods?. Read on.

Story :

Satya (Allu Arjun) and Deepthi (Kajal) who are in love are being chased by baddies, the later dies and the former ends up in Hospital bed with severe burns. Doctors some how manage to save him but his face takes a different shape (of Ram Charan). Then he starts a new life and is on revenge mode. What and how it goes on forms the rest.


Ram Charan has impressed with his dances in the film. His grace & style is simply stunning in `Freedom` song. His dailogue delivery is adequate and emotions are matured enough. Sai Kumar played the other important character as the main villain with ease. His dialogues and emotions add power to the 2nd half. Jayasudha did a fine job of leading the sentiment angle. Brahmi`s cameo in 1st half is adequate. Heroines have nothing much to play except in Songs and they did well too with plenty of glamour pouring on screen. Allu Arjun`s cameo is worth a mention.

Technical Departments

Music: DSP did a fine job on the Music front. Freedom, Nee Jathaga & Pimple Dimple are good on screen. His BGM is one of strengths for the film

Cinematography:  Adequate.

Editing: The film is a bit dragged in the 1st half.

Stunts:Plenty of fights in the film. Have been handled okay and are at times over the top but it is quite common in our commercial flicks.

Story,Screenplay & Direction : 

Story is a Revenge filled drama with lots of action & power and  it is more or less decent. Screenplay in 1st half should have been a bit better. The last 45 mins of the film is in altogether different level. After 5th song and right untill the end, the film is in a completely different zone. Vamsi did a decent job of simplifying the whole story with his direction rather than going too technical, which would have been unwise from a commercial point  of view.

Good Scenes & Moments

First Half

1.Mind Games

2.Interval Episode

Second half

1.`Freedom` song

2.Rain Fight & Episode

3.The Revolt of common people


1. Charan`s Dances

2. Sai Kumar

3. BGM

4. Commercial Elements


1. Dragged 1st Half

2. Lack of proper Comedy

3. High Dosage of violence

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Box-office Verdict

The film is your typical revenge filled action drama. It will appeal more to Ram Charan`s fans and Mass audience too thanks to 2nd half. And it is a decent one time watch for general audience for the commercial elements. Although delayed release, it is still in controlled budget and Rates sold at aren`t too hight too. With `1` receiving negative response, Yevadu should easily take lead in the Sankranthi battle and emerge victorious in the end. The film is likely to work at the Boxoffice but range depends on how well it can sustain and bring in families after 1st week.

Bottom Line: Sankranthi Winner!.

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