Detailed Review : Dhoom 3


Dhoom, the word don`t need any introduction. It is the biggest franchise in Bollywood along with Krrish. But Dhoom3 has got the biggest amount of hype amongst the 3 versions, all thanks to Mr.Perfect Aamir `ACE` Khan. Did Dhoom3 met the expectations?. Can it pull it off with the same amount of success the previous 2 versions got?.  Read on.

Story :

Sahir ( Aamir ), is the son of the great man behind Chicago(USA) based `Great Indian Circus` which is struggling with financial crisis. He loses his father in childhood due to that and decides to take revenge on the Bank which lead to the downfall. Revealing any thing more at this stage will spoil the thrill element in the film.


Aamir has excelled in all aspects and exceeded all expectations. It must be said that he`s the best bad guy of the Dhoom series ever. His acting in interval & 2nd half is simply mind blowing and deserves a lot of applause. If there is anything that can be pointed out, his dance moves are average, apart from that its a flawless performance from him.

Abhishek & Uday Chopra are adequate.

Katrina surely is another asset for this movie. She has done some exceptional dances in `Kamli` song. Her beauty, innocence & smile adds a lot of glamour to an otherwise intense action oriented thriller drama.

Jachie Shroff`s cameo is worth a mention.

Technical Departments

Music: Preetam did a fabulous job on the Music front. `Malang` on screen is simply stunning apart from equally good `Kamli;. Songs are catchy and also well shot. Julius Packium`s BGM was perfect to the mood and adequate.

Cinematography:  Visually stunning. Camera work is good.

Editing: The film should have been a little more short, may be around 150-160 mins, nevertheless many wont complain after that stunning interval.

Stunts: Stunts in the film are some times hard to imagine and far from reality. But chase sequences are spell bounding. Its more or less an Indian version of Fast & Furious with Bikes!.

Story,Screenplay & Direction : 

Every thing is by Victor  (Vijay Krishna Acharya). The story is refreshing one with interesting interval apart from giving lot of scope for performance. Screen play seemed a bit drag at times but with all the no of characters he got, might not have did justice if its racy. the film gives a tough fight to Dhoom2 for the best of the 3 and wins it in the end thanks to Aamir.

Good Scenes & Moments

First Half

1. Aamir`s Intro & following Chase

2.Katrina Kaif`s `Kamli`

3.`Malang` Circus Show

4. Interval Act of Aamir!!

Second half

1.Aamir on a Sunday!

2.Deceiving Abishek in Park

3.The `Double` Chase


Verdict: 4.25 / 5

The film is an entirely new experience even for Dhoom fans thanks to Aamir.  It is an all mix of Action, Drama & Thrills with little bit of Romance. Considering Year end advantage & no competition, Dhoom 3 will definitely collect some Big Numbers. But it remains to be seen whether it can become the Top Grosser. We feel it will.

Bottom Line: This Dhoom 3 is the best of the 3.

Note : review of the Original Hindi Version

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